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Sometimes it’s beautiful, and just as often it’s destructive.

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Ian Somerhalder - TVD’s 100th Episode Celebration Party (Nov 9, 2013)

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#goddamn that face ian your acting was superb jesus this will haunt me he’s letting go of the woman he loved for more than a century remember season one damon well here we are

them tags tho….

Maybe a hint of remorse as he finally lets go in the last gif. really good acting. 

I just want to comment on this. People who complain that Damon doesn’t care about other people besides Elena need to watch this scene and draw from it one simple conclusion: Damon does care. No one can look at Damon in this scene and say that he was not affected at all by sacrificing Katherine. But that last gif says it all. Damon feels guilt and he cares, but he is not ruled by it. He feels it, then he lets it go, dusts himself off, and moves on. He does what needs to be done, he makes the “life and death decisions”, the ones that no one else wants to make. This is Damon Salvatore at the core of who he is.

Ladies and gentlemen, Damon Salvatore

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Elena reassuring Damon

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